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We should improve every such opportunity as that presented at gatherings. At all such gatherings there should be present men whom God can use. Leaflets containing the light of present truth should be scattered among the people like the leaves of autumn. To many who attend these gatherings, these leaflets would be as the leaves of the tree of life, which are for the healing of the nations.

We are an online Ministry whose aim is to spread the awareness of Present Truth and God's end-time Message on Health and well-being and its special relevance to our time. We offer free books and Digital Media to all those seeking the true knowledge and wisdom of God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.

We promote and Host Book distribution events*, Prayer Meetings, Bible Studies, Group Discussions, Sabbath Service, and Discussions on Health and well-being, and We do Food and Drink distribution** events for those in need.


*( Nationally - UK )

**( Locally - Manchester UK )

Health is a great treasure. It is the richest possession mortals can have. Wealth, honor, or learning is dearly purchased, if it be at the loss of the vigor of health. None of these attainments can secure happiness if health is wanting. It is a terrible sin to abuse the health God has given us. Every abuse of health enfeebles for life, and makes us losers, even if we gain any amount of education. CE 16.2

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