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William Miller's Rules of Interpretation stand as the cornerstone of our approach to prophecy, providing a comprehensive guide for our explorations. These rules advocate for a literal interpretation of scripture, urging a systematic and contextual approach to deciphering prophetic messages. Central principles include respecting the Bible's inherent definitions, maintaining consistency in interpretation, and allowing scripture to interpret itself. By steadfastly adhering to Miller's method, our goal is to unlock even deeper insights into the profound truths intricately woven into the fabric of biblical prophecy.

"Welcome to Prophecy Pulse!"

Here, you'll discover a collection of video content dedicated to prophecy. Our presentations are led by Pastor Bill Cave from Indwelling Word Ministries, an avid scholar who delves into prophecy using the precise methodology of William Miller's rules of interpretation. The exclusive approach employed in our exploration of scripture and prophecy. Dive into messages crafted on the firm foundation of the first 50 years of Adventism, echoing the insights and understanding of our pioneering scholars as they studied prophetic events."

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Embark on an intriguing odyssey into the timeless wisdom of William Miller's Rules of Interpretation, steering our exploration of prophecy. These rules, as the cornerstone of our framework, deftly navigate the intricate tapestry. Immerse yourself in the profound teachings, weathering time's tests, forming a sturdy foundation for nuanced prophecy understanding. Become part of our community, unraveling layers within these well-tested rules, fostering a richer connection to biblical enigma. Join us on this journey, engaging with Miller's Rules, shedding light on prophecy's elaborate tapestry.

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