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"Journey to Chambi: Bringing Light and Healing to Remote Souls in Zambia"

Greetings to you brothers and sisters In Christ. Praying all is well with you all.

Traveling to the most remote areas with the mission of preaching the Word of God to thirsty souls is always a joy and something to look forward to. On 13th Nov this year, I went for the Gospel outreach to a remote village on the west bank [of the Zambezi River] called Chambi. The area is found in the North West province of Zambia.

At first my trip was scheduled to go to Tanzania to meet with some new converts into the truth, however the Lord Jesus Christ had other plans for me, instead of traveling to Tanzania I travelled to North West of Zambia and I found myself in the area called Chambi

Here, a small group of eager women and men including children were already gathered and ready to listen to the Word of God. I presented the "health reform" using the 8 laws of health chart. The lesson was so practical and much interesting.

The following day I had enough time to talk to some of clients(both adults and kids) who were not feeling well and afflicted with different diseases. I was able to provide them with some home remedies such as charcoal, herbs and plants. I decided to spend at least a week with them .

The previous Sabbath I had a study with them and the study was based on the " Law of God". My point of emphasis was on the "Sabbath" which the protestant world is trampling upon. The brethren and sisters who came from various protestant churches accepted the light on the Sabbath and pledge to enter into God's rest (Hebrews 4:9-12).

The following day which was Sunday I decided to organize them into a group

After this group is established into the present truth we will organize them into a church under PTHM. This is the current mission of PTHM in Zambia and other neighbouring countries.. We are doing the same thing in Mansa (my home town) as well as Nchelenge and Lusaka.

Please keep us always in your prayers.

My the almighty God bless you all.

Brother Amos.

If you would like to know more about the 8 laws of Health follow this link to get yourself a copy of "Ministry of Healing"

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Great work Brother.

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