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Welcoming Brother Amos Kaisa: A New Addition to Our Mission of Present Truth and Health Evangelism

Expanding Our Family: Welcoming Brother Amos Kaisa as Our Bible Worker

At Present Truth & Health Ministries, we are excited to share some wonderful news with our community. We have extended our family by welcoming Brother Amos Kaisa, our new Bible Worker, into our midst.

This addition is a significant step in our mission to promote Present Truth and the Health Message. We believe that Brother Amos's dedication and commitment will play a pivotal role in furthering the cause we hold dear.

Building Strong Relationships in Zambia

Our reach is not bound by borders, and we are enthusiastic about building strong relationships in Zambia. The work of promoting Present Truth and the Health Message is one that knows no geographical limitations. We look forward to establishing connections, spreading knowledge, and strengthening bonds with our brothers and sisters in Zambia.

Stay Informed with Bible Worker Mission Updates

In our pursuit of spreading the message, we are committed to keeping you informed. We will regularly post mission updates from our dedicated Bible worker, Brother Amos Kaisa. These updates will provide insights into the work he is doing for the Lord and the impact it's making in Zambia.

Looking Forward to Brother Amos Kaisa's Good Work

We eagerly anticipate the good work that Brother Amos Kaisa will carry out in the name of the Lord. His dedication to the cause and the passion he brings to this mission are qualities we greatly value. We look forward to hearing about his journey and the positive changes he will bring to the lives of those he touches.

As we continue to expand our family and grow in our mission, we are grateful for your support and encouragement. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the world, one step at a time. Stay tuned for updates on Brother Amos Kaisa's journey and the impact of our collective efforts. 🌍📖🙏 #PresentTruth #HealthMessage #FamilyExpansion

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